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05.11.00 - San Antonio, TX

This show was held at the Sunken Garden Theater in San Antonio which is a cool outdoor venue big enough to hold a decent sized crowd. The lineup on this show was Ultraspank, Disturbed, Static-X and Godsmack.

This show started at 5:15 with the band Ultraspank I had never heard them before, so didn't know what to expect. They were pretty cool and got the crowd started. It was really hot, especially at this time and one person actually passed out. This set lasted for about 40 minutes. The band would occassionally throw out singles from their upcoming album (due May 30th) and guess who managed to catch one? I was standing about mid way back from the stage and all of a sudden, one tape comes rolling over peoples hands like a rock skipping on water. I reached out and BAM! It lands right in my hand. I was so happy cause this was the only thing I had ever caught at a concert!

After Ultraspank, Disturbed took the stage. I had seen their CD about 2 weeks earlier, but didn't know what to expect. I was really surprised when the lead singer was wheeled out wearing a straight jacket and mask. I was also surprised by how cool they were. They had really cool songs and even sang their rendition of "Shout" which was nice and heavy, like it should have been.

After Disturbed, there was a nice pause before the band I had wanted to see and couldn't wait to hear: STATIC-X baby!!! After having a nice cold beer and cig, I proceeded to get into the crowd and couldn't wait. Soon, this place would be a mosh pit of people pushing on each other. Waiting seemed to take forever as the speakers blared out some cool Zombie, Pantera and KoRn songs. The dudes up front were nice enough to hose us down with water cause it was still so freaking hot! All the anticipation payed off though as Ken was the first to take the stage. Out came Tony and then Koichi and finally Wayne! This was what I had been waiting for. They proceeded through Bled for Days and a few other songs when I decided to screw standing so far back, I'm going up front! I made my way through the mosh pits and got to the front. There I was, less than 5 feet away from Wayne and Tony. Alas, the night had to come to and end and they finished off the set with Push It. The place was absolutely nuts with people jumping, pushing, body surfing and having a fucking blast! It was so cool! However the best part had to be when Wayne and Koichi were throwing picks into the crowd. People reaching and jumping for them. Wayne looked into my direction and it was like slow motion. The pick flying through the air and into a waiting bunch of hands. I felt something land in my left hand and immediately closed it. As I gazed into my palm, there it was, a motherfucking pick!!! Shit yeah!

[ concert pick side 1 ]

[ concert pick side 2 ]

As you can see, Wayne's pick is purple. Koichi's pick was green, but I'm not sure what was written on it. A dude right behind me caught a Koichi pick, but I didn't get a chance to see it. I came out completely drenched, hot as hell, body semi-aching, but had the absolute time of my life! Static-X sounds so cool live. It's not like some bands who sound nothing like their albums. I can't wait to hear some new stuff now!

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