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  • Life in Saudi Arabia
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    Ah sid, short for Sidiqui. I honestly don't know where the name came from, but Sidiqui roughly translated means "my friend". This clear, powerful smelling liquid brought many fun and exciting nights to us. Sid is a VERY strong alcohol, best drunk in small quantities at a time. We had to mix it with 7-up or some other beverage because it was just too strong to take on it's own, unless your already piss drunk!

    One of my friends actually provided us with most of it. His parents ran a little distillery in their bathroom. It's funny because I still remember raids where we would goto get a bottle and there would be trash bins full of beer. I think Sid is basically made with a pressure cooker that feeds into a radiator and trickles down into, er, I think it was a bottle or something. Whatever the case, you know you are drinking something messed up when it's coming out of a car radiator!

    I think Sid also weened me off of alcohol all together. I have some extremely bad memories of our drinking sessions and I don't want to go through with any of those again! It got so bad, I blacked out one night and by the time and my friends tried to sober me up by cramming bread, hot coffee and a water hose spraying water down my throat. Needless to say, that wasn't fun!

    The sad thing about alcohol in Saudi is that, well, it's illegal! You can consider it the equivelant of marijuana over there, it might as well have been. It was also sold as such also, usually seeing people drop by obviously with nothing and coming out with bags or boxes of bottles.

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