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Updated the Multimedia page with an experimental Quicktime VR movie of one side of the Wisconsin Death Trip Album. I got bored, okay? Also got registered for some banners that pay if you buy stuff from them. Okay, they pay me but the money will got to "research" material like, er, Static-X journalistic aides. Ok, I need money to buy magazines with cool pics, but they're all for you!


Updated the multimedia page with a few new images. Still in the process of scanning in some other pics. I will have my concert story to go along with the pics of the picks that are seen on the multimedia page.

Ok, hours flew and my concert page is semi ready. I added my concert story, but still need to add tour dates. Only one blank page left, the bio section...

Added a cool SXZ Poll so now we can start voting on stuff. Uh... As I was laying here typing, the SonicNet commercial came on with Wayne and Ken. Wayne holds a guitar and does his trademark, er, moan while Ken just sits there laughing. It's hysterical! It seems to show up most on Mtv so keep your eyes peeled!


Found a cool transcript from Sonicnet.com from April 12th with Static-X. Click here to view it.

I anticipate some more updates later on tonight. I need to re-do the wallpaper I put up last night. The JPEG quality of the image was pretty crappy, so those will be done without software compression. I have been linked by the cool people at Wickedland. Check out Annihilate Your Kindness at their site, it's a really polished site with tons of info.

Updated the Discography page with some "altered" album images. I thought they looked a little plain so decided to do something with them. I also finished putting up the lyrics for Wisconsin Death Trip, but still need to get the lyrics for Down, Burning Inside and So Real.

I found a couple of new mags with some Static-X pics and article and will get them up in the multimedia section tomorrow I hope. The site is also starting to show up on some search engines I submitted to. I'm hoping Yahoo! lists me because I have always had amazing hit counts when my other sites have been linked from there.


Another day, another update to the site. Finalized the basic template and have started adding content! Finished out the discography page and the links page too. Scrounged around for links listed in Yahoo! and came up with those. If you have a site that I haven't listed and would like to be linked, e-mail me. I would love to have more sites supporting Static-X.

For anyone who is actually reading this right now, I hope to get the lyrics, concerts and multimedia pages up by the end of this weekend. I'm still trying to find some good Static-X pics to put in and will include my recent concert story for you all. They were in town with Ultraspank, Disturbed (really cool band!) and Godsmack and have to say this was one of the best concerts I've been to. More to come...


Awe yeah! I think the final design is ready to rock, next I need to fill in some content to all this! I finished the design and Javascripting for the buttons. Simplistic? Yes. Effective? I hope so! I'm still trying to find some cool images and hopefully get some information up by the end of this weekend. Please let me know what you think by clicking on the "E-MAIL ME" button, I'd love to hear what you think. Not much further now...


Finished the initial site design and am actually semi-pleased with the look and it's simplicity. Now all I need to do is add some content and information to it and it will be set to rock! Easier said than done though. I still need to finish the contents and come up with a finalized version of the links needed. It always seems as though there's another page that needs to be added after you finish the design and have the content built on all pages. That's the problem with multiple pages not using frames, you get hard-coded content that has to be updated on all pages. They need something similar to a CSS for this! I can't use frames because Tripod sucks now with their little banners. It's fine and all, but not on every single page!


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